Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Favorite Things

Evie's growing, of that there is no doubt. Today as she walked from our bedroom to me in the living room she looked like a toddler and no longer like a baby learning to walk. It's so exciting to be entering this new phase in her life but bittersweet as well. She has had a tough day. She has been running a fever in the 100.8-102.0 degrees. We've been doing a lot of cuddling. Hopefully she will sleep well so that she feels better tomorrow.

This is a list of her favorites during the month of October, her 14th month:

1. Books. It doesn't matter if they are her books or our books. Anything with pages will do. She loves to flip the pages and sometimes reads aloud. It is one of the only thing that can distract her when we go on a car trip.

2. Music. She loves to "dance" which for her is this quite adorable bouncing knee-bends. She especially loves the song "hello, the phone is ringing so I say hello. bye, bye when I'm done talking then I say bye, bye."

3. Phones. She will usually pull both of our cordless phones off the recievers and then "talk" while walking up and down the length of the house. It is so cute to watch. She doesn't yet understand what a phone is but copies our use of them.

4. Clothes. Again hers, ours it really doesn't matter. She loves to drag all clothing, blankets, towels etc around the house. She will flip them over her head and wear them like a shawl. Sometimes if she has a sweatshirt of hers then she will "try" to put them on, getting them over her head. If I undress her and then don't let her play with the clothes she will sometimes throw a fit.

5. Pacifiers. She doesn't "need" them during the day but if she sees it she wants it. And she wants it now. She throws little tantrums if she doesn't get her way. It usually involves sitting, crying, and putting her head on the floor. Very adorable.

6. Food. Her favorite is green beans, Crunchers, pasta pickups, soy yogurt and snack cookies. If she won't eat anything but she hasn't had enough to eat we can most likely to get her to eat yogurt and Crunchers. I have to admit that both are really good.

7. Hide & Seek. We hide, she seeks. Such fun. She smiles, giggles and gives big hugs when she finds you. It's one of her favorite games.

8. Walking. She doesn't crawl anymore. She is "running" even. I am sure that soon we will have a hard time catching her.

9. Brushing her teeth. Well, technically she loves sucking the toothpaste of the brush. Mmm...strawberry & banana. She has gotten one tooth in October and 2 more poked through on Sunday. She's been a champ besides some extra night waking.

10. Oliver. He has replaced Daisy in her list of loves. Daisy barely tolerates Evie, especially Evie's "loving". Oliver on the other hand lets her lay on him, thump him, pull his tail and grab his fur before finally seeking sanctuary in a hard-for-Evie-to-reach place. She runs after him giggling and then dissolves into even more giggles while throwing herself at/on him. I feel really bad for him...sometimes.

11. Sharing food. If your eating she wants it. My favorite thing to share is apple bits. She sticks the whole chunk in her mouth and looks like an adorable chipmunk with apple juice running down her chin. She can be quite grabby.

And finally...
12. Toys. Her favorites are her baby doll (which she rocks and cradles, it's also her preferred toy in the nursery at church), her new Noah toy pieces and shapes which she loves to put in bowls and containers and then out again, other dolls which she carries around and cuddles, buttons on anything (ie phones, radio, toys), and finally mom and dad. We are probably best for games, climbing on and finally lots of hugs and kisses.

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