Sunday, November 23, 2008

New "normal"

Though it seems that life should stop when a loved one dies, it doesn't. Life continues to move on. Days, then weeks and then finally months will pass. All without our loved ones presence. It has been hard to do some of the normal everydays without Candii. We drove to Mason yesterday in the van and for the first time in almost six years there was an extra seat instead of a special spot for Candii in her chair. I had to pause before getting in. I had to break through the lump in my throat and the sadness that she was no longer here for this trip. This is the start of the new "normal."

In other news, Lyn is in the hospital being treated for stress cardiomyopathy. The symptoms are the same as a heart attack except it is caused by adreniline instead of a blood clot. It started on Thursday evening after she started getting sick. Verlynn took her to the hospital and then they transferred her Friday night to the Mason hospital where her cardiologist. The doctors are worried about it and that she continues to be nauseous and sick. Please continute to keep her in your prayers.

It is my intention to move onto lighter subjects in the next days and weeks, but also continue to update you on our family. Laughter and fun are healing and I intend for our family to move in that direction. Evelyn has been a darling these last few weeks. One can only imagine what it must be like for an energetic and curious 14 month old to be surround by this stress and be kept in closed spaces for long periods. She has done amazingly well. She has been a respite for all of us.

She has moved into a new phase that I term temper tantrums. If not getting her way, which is quite often, she will squat or sit, cry and then put her head between her legs. It's adorable albeit a little annoying. Hopefully, like all phases it will be short-lived. She continues to love to talk but for the most part it is gibberish. I await the days when she can tell me what she wants or even what she is thinking. I wish in many ways I could interpret her words. Especially those proceeding and following this little laugh she has. What is she saying or thinking that is so funny? I wish I knew.

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