Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We went home Sunday night and had a "normal" Monday. Today, the doctor's told Lyn & Verlynn that it would only be a matter of hours. So we packed up and drove to the hospital. Her breathing is irregular at 7 breaths/minute with 15 seconds between any breaths. Her extremities are getting colder. She didn't open her eyes when we talked to her as she had on Sunday. She is fading. She did, however, make it longer then a few hours and is still hanging in there. Verlynn says she's tough and it may still take a few days. For her sake, I pray that she will not suffer any longer. It is so hard to watch her breathing and to not be able to talk to her as we usually do. I miss her laugh and the way she would gag if she caught Shawn and I kissing. I miss her presence. I miss her joyful spirit.

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