Wednesday, April 6, 2011

All together now

While I love taking pictures of the babies and Evie individually I thought a few recent pictures of everyone would also be nice so...

Mommy and babies in our 8 month picture.

Unlike Evie, these guys love being on their tummies and rarely stay on their backs. I have two (Henry & Ella) which have been up on knees to (Ella was even rocking) so I know that crawling will be happening before I know it. They rock the tummy time.

My sweet darlings! Evie LOVES them!

My typical photo ops. Evie kissing someone. Someone trying to turn over and reaching for things. I have a limited time to get a good photo.

The grandkids and great grandkids on my mother's side.

This is my favorite picture. There were other ones where Evie was looking at the camera but those smiles on my parents just capture how much they LOVE being anma and ampa to the kids. They are AWESOME!!! The kids are so lucky to be loved so much. Kudos to my dad for "putting up" with the commotion of the kids while we visited for a week. Silence was probably bliss after we left!

Evie and Xander being silly with Auntie Jess and Uncle "Doober"

This was yesterday. They all received the same type of "nammies" and I thought I would dress them "the same" for a photo opp. Lots of cute pictures but a lot of Henry blinking or Ella crying (she was hungry-it WAS right before their last bottle and night-night).


sjv said...

LOVE THESE!!! Beautiful family!

Love, sara

Anonymous said...

wonderful to see the latest pics and to see how happy amna and anpa are at having all the grands' around. Just love all the photos
X Dawn

Anonymous said...

Is Henry taking after his dad in blinking for pictures? ;0)

Every time I see the babies I am reminded of how great God is. God had his hand on you and the babies protecting all 4 of you. Prayer is powerful.

I love to see Evie in pictures. She is growing up to be a beautiful little girl.
Amma A

keeshaobrien said...

What an AWESOME blog post! You'll have to send me a copy of the letter, so i can scrap it. I love the pics of all my nieces and nephews-please send copies of those too!! Miss you guys so much, love you!