Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ella, 8 months

Ella can be the messiest eater. She often itches her eye creating this mess!


Smiley baby girl.

Yes, I do adore her!!

With both her bottom teeth!

At 8 months, Ella is:

*The textbook definition of a "bouncing baby girl." This is per her daddy and per anyone who's ever met her. She literally starts her kicking/flailing/bouncing the minute she is unswaddled...before she even opens her eyes from a dead sleep.

*Still has the most gorgeous blue eyes with long eyelashes. Boys watch out!! You too daddy!!

*She wears size 6-9 month sleepers and 3-6 months onsie/pant sets. She wears size 3 diapers.

*Has the most sensitive skin. She had a diaper rash from birth through 5 months til I finally figured out a method of clearing it up. As soon as we introduced foods it was back. Mostly because Ella is a ninja pooper. She doesn't let you know she's doing it (no grunting like the boys, or face redness) and it doesn't stink. I've finally got it under control again.

*Has a lot to the bossiest voice. I think we are going to have a bossy sister on our hands. In fact, after Henry tried to steal a toy she wanted/had she told him what she thought of that...quite loudly.

*The fastest mover. Literally walk into the kitchen and the next thing you know she's under our futon. She's able to roll but does a lot of her movement by pushing herself backwards. She's started to get up on her knees...I'm in trouble now!

*Has tried the following new foods this month: peaches (sour-yuck!), squash (delicious), banana pieces (double delicious), teething biscuits (slippery but yummy), and prunes (yum!).

*Has a lot of hair...though you might not be able to see it. It looks like the same shade as Evie's, which was the same shade as mine when I was a child.

*Feeds herself her entire bottle without assistance.

*Sporting to two bottom teeth...the bottom right arrived March 10th.

*Has quite a lot to say. Henry typically says "ba-ba-ba" and "da-da-da." Ella says a lot. Her anma's and anpa's insist she is saying their names and truth be told (which I ALWAYS do) she is actually saying mama and daddee. Shawn will agree. She has a lot to say anyhow...just like someone else I know. In case your first instinct is to say me (which is true) I was actually thinking of Evie.

*Ella has a sweet disposition. She finds joy in many things and looks quite excited just to have you pay attention to her. When we were in GR for the week she was quite taken with her Uncle Goober (or Uncle Doober as Evie calls him). Auntie Jessie would swing Ella towards him and Ella would start kicking and flailing through the air (like she's swimming) with great excitement. She was quite enamored. Just to test and make sure that it wasn't just a coincidence Shawn just swung her at me and...nothing. She looked excited but didn't give me so much as a leg twitch.

*Loves to eat. She isn't picky and doesn't play favorites...just as long as her belly is full.

*Continues to have some remnant congestion and coughing. It doesn't affect her disposition or her sleeping...though her slimy nose can be gross.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Although the picture of me with Grant? I look a little demonic I think! SCARY! Love you, and Love reading about the kids! Goober thinks it's awesome that you mentioned him by the way!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Ella is such a sweetie and very adorable.
I love to hear her scold, so cute!
You and Shawn will have your hands full with this cutie.
Love you All!
Amma A

keeshaobrien said...

Love her to pieces and miss her so much! Hugs and kisses!