Thursday, April 28, 2011

Henry, 9 months

Top 10 things mommy & daddy love about Henry @ 9 months:

10. Your silly long tuft of hair that sits over your left ear, which we love so much I created a scrapbook page around it.

Journaling: You have this silly and long tuft of hair on the left side of your head, Henry. Maybe it's a remnant of your newborn hair or just a tuft that is growing super fast. Whatever it is, it sure is crazy and adorable. We LOVE it, and when it comes time for your first haircut we will miss that unique part of you!

9. How excited you get when I peel a banana for breakfast or give you mum-mums. There is great shaking of the arms and while eating them you make adorable growling noises with "mmmm" sounds.

8. That you are a master sitter and act very excited about your mad sitting skills. Often just sitting without toys you enjoy flapping your arms, clicking your tongue and blowing bubbles.

7. How when I hold you it feels like you are giving me a real hug with your chubby arms wrapped around my neck and across my arm.

6. Your silly toothy grin, which has a hillbilly kind of look because of only seeing the top tooth.

5. Your delicious chubbiness... I could just eat you up!

4. Your cry, which has a wounded animal kind of tone to it. Yours is the hardest to "ignore."

3. That getting a laugh out of you, though getting easier, makes us feel like we've just won a great battle. Hearing it is like hearing music for the first time. We also love how you make yourself laugh because you enjoy life.

2. The way you kick out both legs at the same time when excited. You do it in the bath splashing, on the floor enjoying yourself and during any good time.

And our #1 favorite thing about Henry: That we get to call you our son, our sweet Henry and watch you grow and learn!!

9 month statistics and other facts:

Weight: 19lbs, 10oz (36%)
Length:27.5" (25%)
Head Circumfrence: 18" (63%)

*For the record, Henry is 2lbs heavier but 1/2" shorter then Evie. In addition, he has a bigger head.

*Met his Uncle Chris for the first time on March 24th.

*Went to his first funeral for his great-grandma Betty.

*FINALLY got his 2nd front bottom tooth on March 27th, 3 weeks after his first tooth. Also got his top right front tooth on April 18th.

*Began eating 3 "square" meals a day.

*Has tried the following new foods this month: avocados (gag) and potatoes (gag).

*Is working on crawling, getting up on all 4's on April 4th.

*Started using his pincer grasp on puffs and uses his whole fist to try and shove banana slices and pieces in his mouth.

*Is sleeping in his crib most of the night (unless he's needing to be inclined) and naps in the crib too. Still swaddling though...

*Sadly, for mama, we are done breastfeeding. I will be cutting out pumping altogether soon. Working on transitioning them to goat's milk formula in the next week.

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keeshaobrien said...

I just want to smother his little chubby cheeks with kisses and get some of those hugs you speak of. Love you Henry!