Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday, Baby!!!

It's FINALLY here!! Shawn turns 30 today, yippee!!! Please feel free to comment on how OLD my hubby is!!

All kidding aside, Happy Birthday, Baby! I am so lucky to have you as my partner, best friend, and lover. I love that you are such a hand's on dad, willing to play babies with Evie and make "cookies" on end. I love that Henry said da-da first and that all the kids adore you. You are an awesome chiropractor, awesome leader and man of God. I love that you work so hard to follow God's path for you and are always willing to admit when you are wrong. I could and do learn a lot from you. I love how intelligent you are. I love that you know obscure facts. I love when you use "big" words in your everyday conversations. I love that you love different kinds of cuisine and eat all your vegetables. I love that you open my eyes to new possibilities and new ideas. I love that you share your excitement for God and the books you are reading. I love that you are not afraid of PDA. I love that you are conscience of your patient's time and needs. I love that you work hard to build our business and support our family so well. I love that after 8 years I still learn new aspects of your personality. I love that you love your family. I love that you have a heart for others and that their pain becomes your pain. I love that you protect me with a fiercely even if it's from the thoughtlessness of others. I love that you love having 4 kids. I love that you are offended when people say it must be "hard" to have triplets. I love that you laugh with me. I love that you delight in my quirks and silliness. I love you more and more everyday!!


Anonymous said...

Happy 30th birthday Shawn!

Thirty years ago when you were born... It was Palm Sunday... the first space shuttle orbited into space.
Your dad went into another room to watch it go off.
He came back to me and said some of the shuttles tiles had fallen off. I could of cared less at the time and told your father that. ;)
I couldn't squeeze your dad's hand because the day before he got stitches in one of his fingers.

We are so very proud of the young man, husband & father you have become
All our Love,
Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

I just want to say how much I love reading your blog!! Also, look me up in August when you and Shawn have your get away! I would love to watch the kids!!!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Shawn and Tawnda!

I just learned of your blog and read a lot of the posts. They are beautiful and very moving! I cried when I read the letter to your Grandma, Tawnda. It brought back many memories of special times with my Grandma Andrews. It is truly a blessing to have had such special godly women in our lives. It is so sad that many women have never had such a relationship in their lives. Like you, I have yet to fully understand the depth of impact such women have had in my life. I strive to leave a godly legacy with those God has brought into my life too. May we both succeed!

Love ya!
Becky - Your long lost cousin/ cousin-in-law in SC