Monday, June 6, 2011

All together now

Here are some "random" pictures of the kids together or mama/daddy with the kids that just don't fit with the other posts. First off the 10 month picture of the babies with me:

They are getting so big that cropping is becoming difficult. What will 1 year look like?? Less then 2 months and we will soon find out!

Memorial Day trip to Minneopa Falls. We were planning to go to IA but Evie was randomly running a fever (no other symptoms) so we ended up canceling. Luckily the A family came down for the day. This picture is one of many, others had a front view of Henry but others not looking etc. It was the best I could get and I am sure it is a sign of times to come.

Rarely does daddy get a picture with all three. I had more smiles with the kids but daddy's blinking problem does interfere with us getting everyone to cooperate.

At the carnival Evelyn's preschool put on. Good time! I look a little melted because we took our first walk to the park and it was HOT out! Great day!

Same day as the carnival. Babies first time at the park.

One of my favorite pictures!!! Me and my girls. I can't wait for the mommy and girls days out where we get pedicures and do "girly" things.

Another favorite. Two of my handsome boys/men. Aren't they sweet? I adore this picture and this special moment between daddy and Grant.

Another sweet picture. Aren't they a cute "couple?" I LOVE MY FAMILY!


Jessalyn said...

Awesome! Love the girls picture! What a sweet one of Shawn and Grant!

Love you

keeshaobrien said...

Great pics! Love and miss those kiddos and y'all so much!