Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dear Me (& my two baby girls)

In a first by me, I have joined in on the blog hop sponsored by Hearts at Home. This month's question?

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your teenage self?

There are so many thoughts I have on this but I will try to keep it to my top 5. May my baby girls (and maybe my boys too) find these tidbits something to keep in mind as they enter the teenage years (thankfully at least 9 years from now!!!).

1. Having or not having a boyfriend is not the worth the stress and anxiety you put yourself through. We agonize when we are the only one of us single, wondering why we are alone. What defect there is in our looks, personality or any other factor that is preventing us from finding "the ONE." Well, here's the real answer...having a boyfriend is NOT going to make life better. And it certainly does NOT define us as a person or woman. We agonize over this first love when it does happen, leaving our real selves behind in order to meet the others expectations of their "dream" girl. Note to self: Learn to love and respect yourself first. Don't rush into a relationship just because "everyone else is doing it." Your path is your path and only God knows the plans He has for you. Seek those first. Love will come, often when you least expect it or plan for it.

2. Quit agonizing over your weight. 10 years from now you will look at your teenage self and think..."Why did I obsess so much? I looked great!" Stop comparing yourself to your friends and the "in-crowd." You are "fearfully and wonderfully made." You are lovely. You are beautiful!

3. Learn to study. Going to college will be 10x harder then high school. Find out your study style and hone it so that you won't receive your first C in a class that REALLY matters. I know that studying in high school was foreign to you, and you still managed straight A's, but it's going to matter someday.

4. The friends you have now will not always remain your best friends. Theirs and your life will someday follow different paths. Don't chose to follow them because your afraid of losing what you have now. Now will eventually become then and you may regret choices you've made based on how it will affect these friendships. Take that course that sounds interesting. Learn a hobby your friends aren't interested in. Watch movies they wouldn't pick or listen to the music that they turn their noses up at. Make new friends. Follow YOUR dreams and the dreams God has given you.

5. Plan for tomorrow but LIVE for TODAY! Someday it will be great to have your dream job, be married, have kids, have money of your own, not have to answer to anyone, and do what you want. But for now be a teenager. Play, have fun, enjoy being at the age and stage you are in. Stop wishing for the future to be here because before you know it you WILL be that 31 year old married mom of 4. You will have your dream job. But you will also the one who cleans the house, worries about money, becomes the kid chauffeur, and your needs will often come last. You will be the responsible one. The one who has to make the critical decisions. The one who is up at 2a cleaning up vomit. The one who has to get to work at 7:45a. It will happen, believe me! Love today instead of yearning for tomorrow.

Are you taking notes my babies? My only other advice for you is to learn from my mistakes. Always remember you are precious and beautiful. You matter. You can "do anything through Christ who gives you strength" and your father and I love you and we are always behind you (but we won't be covering up your mistakes-you too have to sometimes learn the hard way!)

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Pam said...

I love the part about being the one cleaning up vomit at 2's so true!

Julie@comehaveapeace said...

Such true and practical lessons from life! And I love #4 - that's so true! We can't believe it/admit it at the time, but it's still true. What a beautiful "full" house you have! :)

Jessalyn said...

Wow you have been busy! What a wonderful list you have made! I agree with everything you have written! You certainly have a way with words!

Love you!