Saturday, June 18, 2011

Inspired by

Taking inspiration from this post from one of my FAVORITE bloggers, Elizabeth Kartchner, Shawn and I took these pictures of the kiddos in our front "yard" under our one and only (but beautiful) tree. Aren't they spectacular!! One of my favorites of them thus far.

And just for fun we took one of Shawn too! This is one of the biggest reasons I am in love with this man...his sense of humor. He says that he loves me because I'm the only one that understands it. I find him hilarious. Love you, baby!!


keeshaobrien said...

They turned out super cute--expect a page from me!

Anonymous said...

It was a heart-warming beautiful post until that last picture. Thanks a bunch dear.

Jessalyn said...

OMG! Fun and Cute!
Where is the one of you?