Thursday, June 9, 2011

We were swinging!

We went to the park on Sunday and spent over 3 hours either walking, playing, eating treats or talking. It was a beautiful day to be at the park, a little hot for walking and a great way to spend the day as a family. We had a first since our pregnancy and the birth of the babies: a older lady came up to us and said "We (others at a graduation party) were all talking about...(pause) your puppy." Whoa...that wasn't what we thought you were going to say! Apparently she/they hadn't noticed us wrangling the 3 babies. Evie was adorable and the first thing SHE did was show the lady her latest "owie," a skinned knee. I am sure the lady was quite sympathetic. Here are some of the latest pictures including the first time swinging for the babies, something they enjoyed WAY more then Evie ever has.

Enjoys swinging but is a little cautious!

Thinks mama's a hoot with getting his feet.

So "over" the whole swinging thing! Look at those chubba arms!!!

Not so sure of this grass thing. It's kind of freaky stuff!

Henry DEFINITELY does not like grass!!!! After several attempts he "tolerates" it, but no for very long.

Ella LOVES being outside and with her favorite man: DADDY!

Swinging is ok, mama's silly noises make it super fun!!

What's this thing, mama??

Swinging is the funnest!!! MORE!!!

She is "liking" swinging but only in little bursts and not so high mommy!!

Cool dude!

What's up homie?


keeshaobrien said...

C-U-T-E! Love it!

sjv said...

Fiona HATED grass until she realized she could eat it! But she is maybe not as discerning an eater as Henry ;-)

Jessalyn said...