Tuesday, June 14, 2011

At the "pool"

One of our few days of summer was HOT! I mean Texas hot, in the 100's. And what better way to beat the heat then a dip in the "pool!" This was the first time for the babies and imagine my surprise to find this baby pool in our shed along with the plastic pool we bought Evelyn last year. So here is some highlights of my 4 kiddos and their bff's Ethan (also his first time) and Abi.

One of my new favorites of her. Isn't she beautiful? I think I say (type) that a lot. What can I say? She is gorgeous!!

This is "cool" mom! Henry spent a lot of his time in the pool relaxing and chewing on rubber ducks.

Grant loved to splash AND eat grass. He spent about 75% of his time sneaking grass. These pictures show him making his silly nose-crinkle face...adorable!

Ethan thought the water was a little cold at first (and he was tired) but he warmed up quickly. When I took the picture I couldn't figure out what was in the foreground of the picture but soon realized that's Grant's bald head.

Doing their own "things," H-trying to get of his hat, E-Splashing, G-Eating grass and Ethan talking to his mama.
She has a new "tongue thing" she's been trying out. It's working...she's adorable.

Giving her mama "sass" without saying a word.

Playing takes concentration...shhhh!

So serious!


Anonymous said...

Looks like I missed a ton of fun. Great post dear.

Jessalyn said...

Booo! Auntie wants to be a part of all these firsts! :( Looks like it was fun!

keeshaobrien said...

Super cute! Got to love "Poolin'"!