Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We can't believe

Miss Steele (teacher), Evie, Miss Nett (assistant-teacher)

First day of preschool: September 7, 2010

Last day of preschool: May 26, 2011

We can't believe that Evie has finished her first year of preschool!!! Is our "baby" really such a big girl?? I reproduced the picture that Shawn took on her first day on September 7th on her last day of preschool, May 26th. Look at how mature she has grown!!!! I am not sure we are ready for her to be so "grown-up." I know what you're thinking..."really Tawnda, she's not even 4 yet!" But these last 4 years are starting to be a blur and her 4th year has gone at lightening speed. I am usually fairly "composed" but I have to admit to tearing up when I picked her up last Thursday. How do you hold onto all these moments? How do you not let them fly by? How do you remember the way she says "etmeal" instead of oatmeal? Or the time when her "beber (fever)" requested "apple juice because it's thirsty?" I will miss these moments and yet look forward to new and different ones, older ones with her and similar ones with the babies. One thing I learned from being in weddings and attending them is that often, despite all the meticulous planning the bride and groom fail to pay attention to the little things on their day. When Shawn and I wed I took time to notice EVERYTHING. I think that is the key: stop, take in the moment. Take a picture. Write in a journal, a blog or your day planner. Facebook it. Tell daddy. Take a video. But the most important thing is to STOP!

In addition to finishing up preschool she has been enjoying the few days of warm weather, playing with new
and "old" friends, attending her school carnival,
being silly,

running fevers, watching Toy Story and Tangled over and over, requesting her books taken down from her shelf to read in bed, reveling in mommy-daddy-Evie time, torturing and stealing, playing and sharing toys with her siblings and more. She is on the go, go, go. Recently she and Shawn have been going for a "run" and yesterday it was so fun she was asleep in the rocker at 6. When she "woke" up she wobbled over to my lap and fell asleep face down. We finally took pity and put her to bed early, she didn't complain.

We love this "baby" girl!!!


keeshaobrien said...

Aaah! I totally know what you mean. Four years seems to have flown by. I love this super long Evie post--I miss them (and her)--love that flopped on your leg pic and the pics of her in the hat. I am totally going to do a last day of school pic too. Lots of hugs and kisses to my niece!

sjv said...

She's more beautiful every day! You can tell that you are both incredibly proud of her. What a sweet oldest baby you have.

Love, Sara