Thursday, June 16, 2011

A blast from the past...

Some pages I've finished for Evie's scrapbook and our family one. Glad to be making progress in getting "caught up." Not that with 4 kiddos that will ever happen, but I can dream!

Journaling: This was a big day for you, your first attempts at walking...with a little assistance! In no time at all there will be no stopping you!! July 4th, 2008

Journaling: Summer is ending and the days are getting shorter and colder, but we still enjoyed the park on this beautiful fall day. You were in fine form sliding, swinging, and playing in the sandbox. Mommy enjoyed following you around to capture your sweetness on camera.

This sweater was a gift at your baby of my favorites. As a 2T it seemed impossible that you would ever reach this size. It is bittersweet moment.

Journaling: We have had so much fun watching you, Evelyn, since you received your first baby doll on your 1st birthday. You have become the perfect little "mama" as you care for your "babies." You have mimicked me down to putting lotion on your "pregnant" belly and nursing your babies. If your play is any example, we know you will be a wonderful mama.

The Story: On May 26, 2009, Shawn developed severe abdominal pains. After 3 ER visits and multiple repeated tests, a HIDA scan determined that his gallbladder was malfunctioning. On June 3rd, the offending organ was removed and we thought his pain and ordeal were over. Not so...within several days he started complaining of worsening, SEVERE pain, which led to two 911 calls, one ambulance ride, two ER visits and finally a hospitalization. Along with only 4% of gallbladder patients, he was experiencing pain related to a leaking bile duct. Two stents later, during a ECRP procedure and Shawn was FINALLY on the road to recovery.

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