Sunday, June 5, 2011

We had a monkey visit

This is my friend, Andrea's little boy Easton (see this post). Isn't he a darling? I was so excited to "meet" him again because I love Andrea and her family. In addition, this is the age the babies will be when we drive (I know we're crazy...I can only say that we are adventurous and we LOVE my sister Keesha and family) to Texas to visit Keesha, Chris and Xander. 14.5 months to be exact. It was fun to see how active they will be, what they can eat, what talking they will be doing etc. And I know your thinking, "Tawnda, you've had a 14.5 month old before!" But honestly you totally forget everything after you've moved on to a new stage. When we started food at 6 months I felt like it was a totally new activity and couldn't remember how much to give them, when or how often. Anyways, back to Easton, he was on the go, loved bananas (we had to eventually put them out of reach), very independent, an definitely was starting to understand the word NO! He was so fun to have around! It made me really look forward to that age, while not waiting to rush them through this age.

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