Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grant, 11 months

I like/love:

*laying on my back and talking
*getting into rooms and spots I'm not allowed
*playing piano
*screeching/screaming though thankfully for mama's sanity I am starting to love growling more
*rubbing my belly
*fake crying, throwing tantrums and generally trying to manipulate my mama and daddy
*mimicking everything: winks, clapping, sounds, facial expressions
*giving BIG smiles
*exploring toys: seeing how they feel, taste, and sound...I love especially our moving ball
*playing with my feet, rubbing my belly
*practicing yoga (see this post)
*splashing in the tub AND the dog bowl
*hanging upside down
*attacking the dog, he makes me giggle

I dislike:
*when Ella or Henry take things I REALLY want
*when Evie loves on me too hard
*being kept out of rooms I want to go in especially the bathrooms and mama and daddy's room
*napping longer then half an hour
*getting my face washed
*when Toby starts to bark a lot, even in play-it freaks me out
*when mama flips sheets onto the bed-also freaks me out

This month I have for the first time (some are the same at Ella's):
*first full night without swaddling -May 23rd (man that feels like longer ago!)
*New foods consist mostly of finger foods as this is a skill mama is encouraging and I am LOVING: Earth's Best apple cereal bars (messy but YUM!), pasta pickups (OMG, where have you been all my life?), spaghetti (gross-I spit it out), and hotdogs (confusing to eat at first, can't eat them fast enough now)
*I ride on the swings for the first time (see this post)
*July 8th is the first time "at the pool"
*I got both of my top lateral incisiors: the right on June 13th and the left on June 19th
*start giving kisses...the first one given to mama (she was delighted) on the 13th
*the 13th was a big day as I also pulled to standing up on the piano I love so much
*we begin using our Playtex straw sippy's all day except before bed and during night feedings on the 18th and then have our goat's milk in the sippy before bed on the 22nd
*we took our last ride in our infant car seats to church on the 19th
*we took our first ride in our convertible car seats to the office on the 21st, without toys they're a bit boring but on the plus side they have strap that is just perfect for chewing
*we enjoyed our first fast food meal, on a whim, at KFC. we loved the corn, mashed potatoes (sans gravy) and delicious chicken. mom and dad were embarrassed by the enthusiastic eating that produced quite the crazy mess. lighten up guys, there are 3 of us!

First time standing!


Even I know that my belly is adorable.

Wearing my cousin Xander's outfit.

Trouble-making, despite my mama's many attempts at keeping us out of the dog dishes.

Doing what I do best...being absolutely adorable!

Working my mad snack cup skills.

I sure do a good job getting messy but I hate having it cleaned up.

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keeshaobrien said...

I want to be there right now! I cannot wait to see all these cuties in person! Love you G!