Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Week in the Life

Every year, since 2008, I have documented our typical week in pictures. Normally this happens in October but this year just to change it up, I plan on doing it in July. It has been awesome to see how Evie's grown and what our life is like right now. For instance, last October I took a picture of all of the baby bottles we go through in a day. Fun, huh? What an awesome reminder of what life was like when and something I wish my mom had known about when I was a kid. I FINALLY finished the digital pages for 2008 and wanted you to see them here. I loved capturing these moments and it has some of my favorite family pictures from that year. One bittersweet remembrance from that week is that amma and ampa A came to watch Evie while Shawn had a work event and I went to a management conference. Auntie Candii was still alive then and these awesome pictures from the 25th were the LAST ones that were taken of Evie and her precious auntie, as she passed only a short month later. Candii LOVED and ADORED Evie. I remember when we told her and we asked if she wanted a boy or girl and she said girl. When I asked if she would still love it if it was a boy she teasingly told us "No!" Well, she got her niece but I know she would have LOVED and ADORED Henry, Ella and Grant too. We miss you, Candii Cane!

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keeshaobrien said...

Love ALL your pages! I enjoyed the journaling from your Week in the Life pages. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Weird how different our lives are now is it not?

Love Shawn