Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ella, 11 months

I like/love:

*moving (crawling, sitting, pulling up)
*things that roll
*making silly noises with my finger on my lips
*making a big mess "helping" feed myself
*splashing in the tub
*being sneaky, sneaky getting into rooms I'm not allowed
*"flying" and swinging
*eating, especially puffs, yogurt, crackers, finger foods
*sandal straps and dog toys
*playing piano
*stealing food/toys from my siblings
*Uncle Doober
*staring at that gorgeous girl in the oven door reflection, showing "her" my toys and my awesome skills
*playing with "off-limit toys" like strings, cords-anything that could choke me is the funnest
*chewing on phones and remotes

One of mama's most recent favorites. Mmm-hmm *snap*

I hate:
*being thwarted
*not being fed on time
*when daddy doesn't pick me up
*not being able to get standing when and where I want

This month I have for the first time:
*first full night without swaddling -May 23rd (man that feels like longer ago!)
*I pulled to standing at the couch on May 28th (the only milestone mama missed-Boo!)
*claps also on the 28th
*New foods consist mostly of finger foods as this is a skill mama is encouraging and I am LOVING: Earth's Best apple cereal bars (messy but YUM!), pasta pickups (OMG, where have you been all my life?), spaghetti (I'm unimpressed either way), and hotdogs (confusing to eat at first, can't eat them fast enough now)
*I ride on the swings for the first time (see this post)
*July 8th is the first time "at the pool"
*start enjoying my own reflection
*start giving kisses...the first one given to amma A on July 10th. It's sloppy but I'm practicing.
*we begin using our Playtex straw sippy's all day except before bed and during night feedings on the 18th and then have our goat's milk in the sippy before bed on the 22nd
*we took our last ride in our infant car seats to church on the 19th
*we took our first ride in our convertible car seats to the office on the 21st, without toys they're a bit boring but on the plus side they have strap that is just perfect for chewing
*we enjoyed our first fast food meal, on a whim, at KFC. we loved the corn, mashed potatoes (sans gravy) and delicious chicken. mom and dad were embarrassed by the enthusiastic eating that produced quite the crazy mess. lighten up guys, there are 3 of us!

My silly faces.

Me giving mama some kisses. They are wet but oh so sweet.

Self-feeding attempt #1, this was enough clean-up that mama has yet to attempt #2.

I love to feed myself and here I am getting the hang of these snack cups.

Me and Uncle "Doober." He is absolutely fascinating...seriously could stare at him forever!

Even though I still have my mum, yours looks tasty too.

Making fun lip noises with Henry.
Despite mama's efforts I can easily get into areas I'm not allowed.


keeshaobrien said...

Okay I LOVE the look on her face in that pic--awesome! I'll probably have to scrap that one! That and the stealing food pic! Love the updates and I can't believe they are almost a year old, but super excited we'll get to be there to celebrate!

Jessalyn said...

Makes this auntie sad that they are getting so big :( But also excited to watch them grow up! Uncle Doober will be happy to see that picture! The admiration goes both ways! Can't wait to see the boys update!

Love you!

sjv said...

Can't wait to see Ella and the whole gang on Saturday!!! Woot woot from the 9 month old and her parents! ;-)