Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I am struggling with

*my babies becoming toddlers in less then 2 months.

*letting the babies self-feed & make 3x's the "normal" mess for mama to clean up.

*Henry being a picky eater & spitting out food, slapping my hand away, throwing food & generally disapproving his meals.

*not laughing at Evie's version of hide & go seek. From UNDER a blanket "mom, I'll hide & you count!". You can guess where I "found" her.

*creating a balance between what I SEE as a need to get done versus what God wants me to accomplish.

*being people oriented instead of task oriented.

*finding "quiet" time to read my Bible. Shawn "washing" me in the word helps.

*controlling my rheumatoid arthritis. Mornings lately have left me hobbling like an old woman. I ordered vitamins yesterday, that should help immensely.

*finding "me" time. Although the babies smiles and laughter and Evie's up to the minute play-by-play narrations do make this a little easier.

*being unable to attend my nephew's "super" birthday party. Happy 4th sweet boy!!

*watching time speed by. It's much to fast for this mama.

For fun this is a pic of the morning glories that I received as my first official Mother's Day gift from Evelyn. We replanted them Wednesday before their growth got any more intertwined in my curtains.

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